My first SLR camera was not a Minolta but a Petri FTE, a shutter controlled camera. After a while I  was looking for a good diaphragm controlled camera, because I was more a portrait photographer. And that was my first Minolta, the XG-M. On a vacation in Turkey the photographer of the hotel had a Minolta 7000, the first Minolta autofocus SLR and I had to have one too. So my second Minolta was the 7000 and soon there was the Dynax 7000i. That time I had a collection of old camera’s of different brands and I decided to focus on one brand. I sold all the other brands and from that moment Minolta was the only brand I wanted to collect. At this moment I have more than 300 camera’s, 130 lenses, 50 flashes and a lot of other Minolta stuff. And because Minolta stopped producing camera’s, I’ll stop to collect until I have them all…….it’s still a long way, but it must be possible!!!